April 2017

Caulking the hatches Something I forgot to mention in an earlier post is the caulking of the deck hatches. After my table top experiment I concluded that it's not a great idea to sand the caulking, whilst the caulking sands well you can remove the epoxy ...
And you cant epoxy over the caulking as it fish-eyes.
So I came up with this solution. Down each side of the groove you wish to caulk add a strip of PVC insulation tape (better than masking tape as it doesnt tear when removing). Then caulk the gap until it's just proud. Then smooth with a putty knife or similar. It will leave the caulking slightly proud but not enough to worry about. Wait 20 mins then remove the tape. no sanding required.

Cup holders I've added this piece of edging to the rear seat forward edge up stand.

Cup holders I also knocked up some cup holder trays

Cup holders As a pair, for the corners of the front bulkhead.