April 2018

steamers Time to finish the drinks trays. This needs an edging strip fitting. However, the trim needs steam bending...
So time to setup the steaming kit. To generate the steam I use a wallpaper stripper steam generator. That's the easy bit. The steaming chamber is a little more challenging. Well, that's because I won't invest the time in making a proper one. Steamers are available from most DIY stores and of course Ebay , which will have a selection of new and second hand models. All you really need is the 'Kettle' part and the hose.
Be careful, steam is HOT!

steamer What's wrapped up in the rug and towel is a length of gutter down pipe, ~ 2.5" in diameter. I made a wooden plug for one end which accepts the open end of the steamer hose and seals the pipe. the other end is open to the atmosphere. The rug and towel are there for insulation to keep the steam as a gas and not a condensate... It's propped up in a rather Heath Robinson way to ensure it drains to the open end and also because as it heats up to 100 degrees C the pipe becomes rather flexible so needs lots of support. After three hours of steaming (having 2 steamers means you can quickly switch from the empty one to a full one and keep up a continuous flow of steam) I removed the timber, remember those gloves, and started bending it around the trays.