December 2017

Transom mount bulkhead reinforcement The difficulty of leaving the steering mechanism until the boat is nearly completed is that some things need mounting in fresh air. So structure has to be added and bulkheads reinforced.

Moving the transom mount When I inquired about the parts I would need for this steering mechanism I was advised that all I needed was the transom mount and the steering kit. Well, that wasn't quite right... I also needed a bearing support tube. This is what the transom clamp clamps. So now the transom clamp is in the wrong place and I have to move it. Hence the addition of a piece of timber just like the one I removed earlier.

Steering cable bolted to tiller Finally I get to bolt it all together. In the mirror you can see the transom clamp (and the spare set of redundant studs...)

boat viewed from the stem I haven't posted any pictures of the boat for a while.

boat viewed from the stern The rear king plank has now been bonded on and will get epoxy coated once the rest of the deck has been sanded.