Quite a few people have asked if they can study the lines of the boat I'm building. So here's the necessary information in various formats as shown in the table below. I just have to add the usual caveat that what you do with this information is your own responsibility.

My interpretation
~ Selway
.hul's Aslip.hul Mslip.hul  
.dxf's Aslip.dxf Mslip.dxf  
panel.dxf's Aslippanels.dxf Mslippanels.dxf  
.wrl's Aslip.wrl Mslip.wrl Sslip.wrl

The general layout currently looks like this and the downloadable .zip contains the TurboCad drawing file.

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This picture was sent to me, I don't know it's origin but it appears representative of the type and is full of useful detail.

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The following thumbnails were taken in Colin's workshop and are of a long slipper launch, ~30'+.

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