February 2013

Sole center section This months project has been finishing the cockpit sole and bonding it all in place. First off I coated the underside of the main plywood floor pieces with epoxy. The peel ply is where the floor support timbers are, so that I get a good bond.

Epoxy coating the bilge Before I could bond the sole timbers in place the bilge needed coating in epoxy.

All the bilge access holes Routering the bilge access holes The next job was to machine and cut the bilge access holes in the central section. First I routered the outer rebate then I cut the center section out with a jigsaw.

Close up of a bilge access hole Dry fit time Followed by a dry fit to check everything sat at the correct level.

bilge access holes Here it is all bonded in place.

Center sole section epoxied Finally I coated the center sole section so that it is completely sealed.

Hobbity wood store And the Hobbity wood store gets completed with a nice coat of green roof stain.