January 2008

Before I can fix the keel to the hull I need to fix the sterntube at the point it leaves the hull. To do this I need to locate the sterntube between the forward bulkhead and aft end of the keel. The first task is the keel location. I need to form a short length of support with epoxy putty.
Here's the fixture to form the location in each half of the keel. It's made from a short section of spare sterntube.

And in use.

First you get the plasticine out, make some sausages and squash them with the fixture. Some polythene sheet prevents the plasticine sticking to the fixture.

Then you trim them with a sharp knife.

And finally cast some thickened epoxy between the plasticine weirs using the fixture to get the correct profile.

This all sounds great but there is a small snag. The sterntube isn't round. It's oval by 0.4mm (0.016"). But hey it's stich and glue...