July 2015

marking the limit of the stern Finally back onto the boat.
While waiting for the rudder tube I decided to cut the 30mm hole for it in the bottom of the boat. This should have been relatively easy until I started measuring up the hull. It doesnt quite tie up with the plans....
Small discrepancies I can understand but 10mm is a lot. Although coincidently it is the thickness of a bulkhead so perhaps I just bonded it in the wrong side of the line....
First task was to find the centerline of the hull. Should I measure inside, outside of assume its the center of the stiching seam? in the end I did both but had more faith in the centre of the stiching seam and chose that.
Then I needed the fore aft position. Hence the square taped to the stern. The back of the keel to the stem measured out correctly so I took this to mean the keel is in the correct position. Marked the position of the hole on the underside and drilled a small pilot hole. This is how I found the 10mm bulkhead error, which I've accepted as I want to keep the relationship of the keel and rudder the same.

marking the limit of the stern One 30mm flat blade bit and a few minutes of action and I had a rudder tube hole.