June 2006

Roll over jigs...

Roll over panels

Cutting the outer profile Having marked out the outer diameter of the roll over boards, with each sheet lying adjacent to it's mate, as per the above scheme, the next job was to cut out each of these semi-circular boards.

Routing the outer profile Then with the router and this acrylic fixture, which I knocked up, I accurately profiled the two boards which contain their center. The sub semi-circular boards were then copy profiled from these, guaranteeing a perfect match.

Cutting out the hull shape Being 1" thick ply and therefore quite heavy I've also added some lightening holes. Finally I cut out the shape of the hull in both upper and lower boards.
Before I can check they fit and get the hull rolled over there are a few small tasks best done now and while the hull is this way up. So that's next months free time allocated...