June 2009

Having got the keel to the stage of filleting it was time to get distracted by another project...
Having said that it's an important one to keep peace in the household. Installing a winch. Not the easiest of installations being on a steeply sloping bank. So I decided to use ground anchors as a substitute for mass of concrete. Spirafix were very helpful and delivery was on time.

So first dig the hole (through soil, sand, clay and a bed of bricks).

Then unpack the ground anchors and install them with a lump hammer. The vertical ones in the base of the hole were easy and so too were the horizontal ones until I hit a railway sleeper.

So I had to work them around this obstruction as best I could. Hence the rather strange angles you can see in the picture.

A load of wire reinforcing to hold it all together followed by a few barrow loads of concrete and the winch mounting post was secure.