June 2018

the forward deck sanded Finally after much waiting and distraction I have got around to sanding the decks prior to the second application of West 105/207 clear coating epoxy.
After snading I wash the area down with Methylated spirit and give it a final wipe down before coating.

the rear deck sanded

the decks sanded The coating was going so well until I discovered the bottom third of the tin of West 105 was crystalised.
That's what happens when you take too long to do a job! I had no choice but to use it. it doesn't float on and will need a light sanding prior to varnishing but the whole deck will anyway. So onward!

a longer strimmer Why are strimmers made for short people and therefore give taller people backache?
My wife, who is of average height, asked for the strimmer to be extended. Voila. A nice piece of oak, suitably profiled and slotted to accept the now longer power cable, has been inserted into the original shaft. Well, it was out of warranty...
Wife happy.

a wooden surprise Finally, another small distraction. part 1...