March 2008

Before I can fix the keel to the hull I need to cut the swims ahead of the propeller.
First you draw what you want and loft all the contour lines. Then you add the offset for the router collar ((collar - bit diameter)/2), print the contour lines with the keel edges and propeller shaft axis as reference and then glue to a suitable piece of ply to create the router template.

Swim Contours

This shows the router template having been trimmed to the first contour with a jigsaw then screwed to one half of the keel . After routering the first part of both swims it's flipped over and screwed to the other keel half and that gets routered.

Then you move onto the next contour and repeat the process.

Until eventually you get this.

Then you smooth the swims with a surform and sandpaper until they look like this.

And finally you get to glue it onto the hull...
It was a reasonably straightforward job. My only concern was running out of epoxy. I reckon I had about 30g left over.