March 2010

Precoating helped a little against bubbling but the best solution is to make sure you've filled all the divits, which precoating helps to do. Here's the final piece of top fabric with peel ply. It's back breaking work but at least it's a horizontal surface. I need to do some research on the best solution for the hull sides.

After a week I removed the peel ply and started sanding. I only had to tidy up the roll over area but believe me this is a very tedious task. It's tough stuff and required an impressive array of power sanders... It made me wish I'd used peel ply for the wrap over after the first layer. I'll do this when I get around to sheathing the sides.

Neadless to say we got there in the end.

Meanwhile on the Adirondack chair front I decided it was time to invest in a router table. So I bought this Bench Dog ProTop router table from Rutlands. It's very well engineered and my 1/2" router fitted the table inset without any modifications.
We put it to good use on the second chair.

...And now we have a nice pair of chairs.