May 2005

Hull support - click for detail The components for the hull supports were assembled and then bonded together. Here they sit awaiting some padding prior to positioning under the boat. The adjustable feet are left over from our recent kitchen installation.

On the hull supports Lifting the hull with the ratchet straps the supports were slid into position and the hull gently lowered down.

what luck... Without adjusting any of the feet I layed a spirit level across the shere behind the dash bulk head and here's the result. The longitudinal level is the same. The next tasks are the transom, the shere clamps and deck beams.

Meanwhile, the boat move continues...
We cleared Blakes lock by 1 o'clock Sunday afternoon. This is the only lock maintained by the EA not actually on the Thames and the first lock for us on the K&A. The next stretch is a traffic light controlled section which passes through the Oracle, Reading's town center shopping area. Looking out towards Froudes bridge through the cratch You soon leave urbanisation behind and head out into the countryside. We've had so little rainfall recently that there were no stream issues. The locks themselves are quite tired and being so large take a long time to fill, but the lock mooring areas are well placed with plenty of mooring pins. We made Froudes bridge, Aldermaston by 19:45 that evening.

A turf sided lock chamber There is quite a variety of lock designs in use. The std straight sided brick lock chamber, the fluted brick chamber, the piling and concrete chamber and the famous 'Turf sided lock'. The following day after 5 hours cruising we made Newbury. Devizes next...