November 2006

Before I can invert the hull I need some supports. A pair of trestles would be fine to allow plating of the sub chine area but inconvenient for the subsequent sheathing operation. So I've chosen to support the hull off two of the bulkheads with the support frames lying within the hull profile. As always never throw away those offcuts no matter how small. These supports are made entirely of offcut timber from this project.
basic hull supports wioth stiffeners and locators
The bulkhead locators are two different heights so the support can be slid into place using the taller one to guarantee alignment before finally lowering the hull into position. Well, that's the theory anyway.
locator detail

With the support frames finished and the holes for the propeller shaft aligned it was time to fit the roll over jigs and get this boat turned over. Before I can fit the rear top section I need to make some bracing to stabilize it.
Aft roll over jig Fwd roll over jig
I used the ratchet straps to lift the boat and kept them and the old supports in place to cover the 'just in case'...