November 2010

For those following my Twitter feeds you'll know that this month was all about either sandfest to recover the hull situation or Adirondack chair manufacturing supervision. Yes, my wife has been commissioned to make another two.

Sorting and cutting First assembly stage
Here we see the sorting and cutting followed by the first stage of assembly.

Meanwhile on the hull rectification front...
Realising that 200 grit wet n'dry wasn't going to get the job done I ordered some serious stuff; 60, 80 and 120 grit from a company called Gold Leaf Supplies.
When these abrasives arrived I set to work, hard work... The 80 grit worked fine for most areas but some places are best done with a scraper. The advantage of a scraper is you only remove material from the high spot and you can easily see how you are progressing. There's still a little more work to be done but at least the surface is now free from fabric imprint.
The target remains to get the final epoxy coats on before Christmas.