November 2016

WEST System Hardener list With winter approaching and not wishing to start the cockpit up-stands until the New Year I thought it would be as good a time as any to coat the deck with it's first coat of epoxy.
I like WEST product and they do a clear coating hardener 207. So I splashed the cash at and a 1kg resin and 207 hardener duly arrived.

Forward deck coated I decided to do the forward hatches first to check out the work time of the epoxy. It's short by what I'm used to with MAS and slow hardener. So I decided to limit the batch size to 150g max.

Forward deck hatch area coated This still enabled me to do areas and keep a wet edge.
The Cedar looks fantastic. Great colour.

Rear deck coated It's all hardened off well. The cedar absorbs more than the mahogany so significant sanding is required before the next coat. the Oak transom has bubbled up. I've had this before but can remember where. Sand and re-coat is the only option.
I'll let this harden for a few weeks before sanding back.
The rear deck king plank is still not bonded down hence the lack of coating. Must get that rudder installed.....