October 2017

ham stand Our return from Spain necessitated remaking the leg of ham stand owing to the cheap bought one's base warping.
It was too small for my liking anyway. So a piece of left over Utile and this is what I produced. Laminated so it won't warp

tiller connection I couldn't decide how to connect the steering wheel to the tiller; hydraulics or cable. I even considered 'steer by wire' using a linear servo but the last thing this boat needs is needless sub projects...
In the end cost dictated I use cable. A hydraulic system is upwards of 500 and a suitable Teleflex cable less that 150 including cable mount.

front bulkhead The first thing you have to do is measure how long the cable needs to be. So I got one figure off the CAD model and then used a hose pipe to confirm it worked with the actual run.
Both solutions came up with 14' 6" so I ordered 15" as I can loose cable but if its too short I'm snookered. So I placed my order with Marine Scene for a Teleflex 15ft Low HP Boxed Steering set plus transom clamp kit

splicing I also had a go at splicing braid on braid rope. As I needed to make a 'Y' harness. I'm quite pleased with the result and learned that this is best done on new rope...