September 2015

one corroded trailer plug We all experienced the disapointment of hooking up our trailer and finding that some of the lights don't work. And copious amounts of WD40 later they still dont.
Well this plug had certainly seen better days.
Having replaced it for a new one I was either faced with the labrious task of checking each pin with a power source with the added challenge of keeping the two wires apart. Or making a trailer board tester. Realising that this won't be the last time I need to check one out, I elected to build a tester.

trailer tester socket side The new plug I bought came with a socket which also made this exercise a no brainer and my father gave me a bunch of old switches. The holes in the case were from an old Arduino project. I love re-cycling.

trailer tester switches side So all you do is plug in the trailer board and a 12v battery, flick the switches and check the trailer lights come on.