September 2018

Wood turning We wrapped up August by brushing up on our woodturning skills, having allowed them to lapse for many years.

Turned bowl So more bowls to add to our collection...

Turned bowl We then decided it would be fun to take the JetSki to Spain to extend our boating season.
Great idea but the trailer hasn't been on the road for some 12 years!
Time for a major service, starting with new hubs and replacing all the U-bolts and bolts with stainless.
The good news was it all worked and nothing fell off. The trip was a great success.

Hull sanded Before we could take our trip i was determined to get the first coat of varnish on the deck. So first I had to flatten the epoxy coat. It's incredible how much product end up on the floor of the workshop.
I used this open mesh sanding paper and it's brilliant.

Hull sanded

Hull varnished Finally the first coat of varnish. A true milestone.

Hull sanded And in close up.

Hull sanded And a close up of the stern.
Now this should harden while I'm away.