August 2007

Faired hull With the imminent arrival of the stern tube I thought it best to get on a fill all the holes and divits left from the staple removal process.
Being one to try out different Epoxy systems I took the opportunity to evaluate SystemThree Epoxy's SilverTip QuickFair. It's not a cheap as mixing fairing compound by component parts but certainly less hassle.
And here's the result, a spotted hull.

Faired hull Working with pastes presented a new problem; getting both pastes in the mixing pot at the correct weight ratio...
So on the spur of the moment I came up with this technique for mixing pastes by weight. Zero the scale with the mixing cup and one spatula. With this spatula put the required weight of resin paste in the mixing container and leave the spatula in the container. Add a second spatula and zero the scales. Using this second spatula add the correct amount of hardener paste. Then using both spatulas mix the two parts together. Be warned. this stuff goes off very quickly. To fair all the divits required 5 pots of 30g and it was gelling as I cleaned out the bottom of each pot!