July 2007

I never cease to be amazed at the power of the internet. After last months posting, several of you emailed me solutions to my problem of not being able to acquire a GRP stern tube of the desired length, 2650mm. So I ordered my 2500mm stern tube from Vitesse Marine all set to have to extend it, when I got a call from Vitesse saying the Vetus Holland were somewhat concerned that I'd ordered a 3000mm propeller shaft and only a 2500mm stern tube. And what length of stern tube did I want. They also recommended an additional shaft bearing. What fantastic service!
Then a few days later came the bad news... 2000mm max.
Never mind, 1500 + 1150 = 2650, so back to plan 'A'.

So with a prop shaft and stern tube due to arrive in a few weeks, or so I thought, I felt it was about time I cut the necessary hole in the hull bottom panel...

Marking out With the CAD dimensions in hand and a film plot of the intersection generated by the 44mm stern tube at 7.2 degrees to the hull, it was time to mark out the slot. After measuring at least twice, I transferred the profile to the hull.

Clearance holes 9mm clearance holes for the jigsaw go in next then having measured the positions of the bulkheads relative to these more clearance holes go in.

The slot Then Jigsaw between the holes and jobs done. It should now be possible to use the hole saw to cut the last two clearance holes in the bulkheads and with some final grivelling with the Dremel, finish the job.