August 2009

Following my rather disastrous first attempt at sheathing the keel, caused by pushing the resin to close to it's gel point, I've now sanded out all the evidence. Next time I'll do smaller panels and use peel ply. Hopefully my technique will improve before I have to do the rest of the hull.
Next month I'll finish sheathing the keel, the port side needs it's first layer and then both sides will need a second and final layer. Then I'll gear up to do the rest of the hull...

Meanwhile I've been busy installing some new gate posts. Normally a simple job not worthy of note, but in this case they had to encapsulate a steel arch.
Why make it easy when you can have a challenge...
The picture on the left is the first half of the post that goes between the fence and the arch and the picture on the right is with the final section of the post, having been routed to clear the arch frame, fitted and painted!
Gate next.