December 2012

Front bulkhead floor supports Rear bulkhead floor supports In spite of a heavy bout of man flu and the distraction of collecting airmiles and trainmiles I have managed to get the floor supports bonded onto the front and rear cockpit bulkheads. So January should see the floor go in. Well, let's say February as I wouldn't like to get ahead of myself...

75 percent of the roof fitted The wood store got 75% of its roof fitted. It would have been 100% but for a gross miss-calculation.
Ah well, another job to finish in the New Year.

The Royal station at Wolferton Christmas was spent in Norfolk and Boxing day saw us board the Empress and head to Old Hunstanton for a walk on the beach. En route we made a small detour to Wolferton, near Sandringham, to see 'The Royal Station' . It's no longer open to the public but well worth a drive by, as its been beautifully restored.

Ticket from The Royal station at Wolferton