December 2015

One thing I have learned during the course of this project is that the best way to make progress is to order timber. It arrives and you have to fit it. So I placed an order with Robbins Timber.

From the master pattern make the master template Meanwhile.
To join the outer boards I will need to scarf them together. To do this I will try "complementary template routing".
First off make the master pattern.
Then mark out the master template using a washer with 1/4" of material between ID and OD (the cutter diameter).

Assemble the cutter Then assemble your cutter with a 3/4" bearing.

Router the right template Router the RIGHT template and keep the offcut.

Router the left template Use the offcut from the right template to router the LEFT template, using the 1/4" cutter and the 3/4" bearing. Here are the two complementary templates fitting perfectly.

First outer board look see All this preparation was done while I waited for the outer boards and king planks to arrive from Robbins Timber.
Then the timber arrived, well wrapped and undamaged. I have chosen Utile as its cheaper than Mahogany and easier to work than Sapele. Here's a rear outer board offered up for a quick look see.

First cut Now for the first cut to mate with the transom board. One for the jig saw.

The fit with the stern transom Not a bad fit, if I say so myself, phew.

The fit with the stern transom Now to scribe the outer profile and give the outer board a 15mm overhang.
Then off to the band saw.

Spilling jig With the outer shape done the inside profile needs marking. The cockpit side determines the width and this is easily transferred to the timber.
Then this jig is set to this width (the desired width of the plank) to mark of the rest of the plank.

Spilling jig in use Turned over and the board is marked as so.

Spilling jig in use And here's the finished board. Transom detail just need the corner radius and both the inner and outer profiles are complete.
Scarf detail next.

half a scarf joint Here I've cut the first half of the scarfing joint and offered up the left hand template as a check.

The first scarf joint complete Using the left hand template I've routered the next (mid) board to match. The joint is Ok but surprisingly not perfect. Or should I say as good a fit as the two templates are to each other.