February 2007

Having cut all the panels with joints perpendicular to the hull centerline, it's time to start bonding. The forward section will have to be covered with narrow strips cut obliquely so that they will more easily follow the shape of the hull. I'll cut these when all the simple panels have been bonded in place.

Stern panel The stern piece goes on first. To ensure accurate location of this unconstrained panel sliding about on a sea of epoxy I used a couple of locating pins in the forward corners.
The 4.5mm holes on 150mm centers are to allow the excess epoxy a means of escape. I was amazed how much epoxy it took to glue this panel in place, several batches were required due to my continual underestimation. The panel was held in position with 10mm long staples until the epoxy cured, after which they were removed using my wife's upholstery "staple lifter".

Trimming the stern panels Now I have a good edge to work to I can do a final fit and edge trim on the next few panels to be bonded. Slowly working my way forward.