January 2007

The next step is to prepare the hull ready to accept the second layer of 1/4" ply.
Firstly there's the fishing line stitches to remove. Not as easy as it sounds because the epoxy has run through the stitching holes and bonded the nylon to the outside of the hull. However, my 'Veritas Flush Plane' did a sterling job.
Stitch removal

Next I've planed the sides of the hull flush with the bottom. This will allow the second layer of ply to overlap the sides without standoff.
port side planed stbd not
Here's how the area of overbite looks when it's planed down.
overbite area planed

Now I've started cutting the panels for the second hull skin. My plan is to cut all the panels and trim them to size before bonding them to the hull.
additional hull panels