July 2016

hatch taped Now for the deck over the hatch area. For the deck to maintain the correct longitudinal curvature it cant be cut to the hatch opening. The hatch has to be put in position and the deck bonded over it. Then the deck aperture is cut in the deck.
To stop the glue running into the gaps between the hull and the hatch I first taped around both the hatch and deck aperture. Then filed the gap with a flour and water mix. the saw should make short shrift of this.

hatch in position in the forward deck Here is the hatch in position waiting for the gap to be filled. I've used a couple of pieces of double sided tape under the hatch to locate it within the aperture.

forward deck planked Now the forward deck is planked. Next I have to cut through the deck along the hatch lines....
This ensures the deck has the correct camber in the longitudinal direction.