June 2003

With all the good weather we've had this month, it's hard, after a week at work, to do anything other than sit outside and enjoy it. Already the longest day is behind us, so it's downhill all the way now until Dec 22nd.... So making the most of my free time and this good weather means little boat progress. Well, on the full size one anyway.

Before I launch into a few sheets of 8"x4" I thought it wise to check out the latest design in 12th scale.
The four developed hull panels are laid out on a sheet of 1/16th ply.

cut out panels Cut out and sanded fair.

bow stitching Then wire'd together...

To give... hull underside hull from above

Meanwhile it's time to start getting the workshop operational. With my prime bench having been commandeered for upholstery it was time to renovate this spare bench. Made by my father some 30 years ago, all it needed was a new top, so a spare length of 6"x2" has been pressed into service.