March 2006

By chance I was looking at the project plan I posted on this site in response to questions like 'how much longer before it's finished' and I noticed the project has slipped exactly 12 months! But as I always say, 'It's the journey that is of interest not the arrival...'.
However, at this rate of slippage I'm looking at another 3 years before it hit's the water.

lateral deck beams clamped in place This month has got off to a good start with all the lateral deck beams fitted, just waiting for the bulkhead top profiles to be transferred and then cut.
DeWalt433 sanding frame and stand Sanding the deck beams Once the profiles were transfered I rough cut them on a band saw then linished them to the finished shape using my DeWalt433 belt sander. The sanding frame assembly was bundled with the original purchase and certainly came in handy for this job.
fwd deck beams bonded in position The forward deck beams are now bonded in position, pity about the glue runs on the third bulkhead but I had run out of peel ply...
clamp fest... Aft deck beams bonded and clamped. I'll do more internal joinery in the cockpit area next month to get some of the timber used up and off the floor. Before turning it over, plating the bottom hull panels and sheathing it.