September 2012

As I'm late posting this months update I thought I might as well include the highlight of October. After all it's only the 7th...
We finally turned the boat over!
10 guys plus wives, girlfriends and kids turned up to help. So after coffee and a slice of carrot cake (my wife's best cake) we all retired to the workshop to move the boat. Although the doorway is plenty wide enough for the boat it's a tight squeeze for a boat plus lifters, much like the monkey trying to get the stone out of the jar story. So we had to line up such that we could zig-zag through the opening.
Getting it back in was much easier as it could be slid on it's keel with a big push.

Janet did a great job with the camera such that I can post this animated gif of the whole procedure.

Boat turning animation

So a BIG thank you to the Boat turning Team.

The Boat turning Team

Eight years to get to this point. Time to pick up the pace....