October 2012

Cockpit bulkhead braces removed Having turned the boat over and chocked it level the first task was to cut out the cockpit bulkhead cross braces and give it a thorough vacuum clean.
I hadn't seen this side of the hull since tuning the boat at the end of 2006 and it was in excellent condition.

Now it looks very boaty!

cockpit braces removed This shot shows how it looks without the cross-bracing when viewed from the stern.

I had kept the original turning over fixtures (wheels) from June 2006 and which we used in November of that year. Now the boat has been successfully turned and rotated they had become surplus to requirements, but taking up a lot of space.
Time to consider some re-cycling..
I have been putting off building a much needed log store for some years. Well, here was the answer, add in some surplus wooden packaging material from the recent factory move and there was enough timber for the project. It does look a little strange, perhaps a little Hobbity even, but as long as the wood stays dry, what does it matter.

Constructing the front and back What is shown to the right is what will be the rear face.

Now self standing With the boat occupying the workshop and the garage floor unreliable I did the final assembly in the kitchen (I have a most understanding wife).
All that remains for me to add is some floor structure and the covering, which is looking like being some left over ondulline from the very start of this whole project.
Now that's re-cycling (or hording...)