September 2016

using epoxy putty to caulk the exposed ends In order to trip the edges of the hatch and deck timbers I used Milliput epoxy putty. This will prevent the deck timbers splitting when hit with the router.

using epoxy putty to caulk the exposed ends It's a messy operation so best to mask up the wood first. Fortunately this putty can be smoothed with a wet putty knife.
I suggest removing the tape after 12 hours, before the putty is rock hard.
A scraper soon has the caulking flush with the deck.

stainless hinges in place I bought these stainless hinges off eBay. they have sufficient play to accommodate the deck camber through the hinge line.

hatch shown open Here's the proof it all works. The starboard hatch need a little work as the rear edge catches on the hull aperture, nothing a block plane cant fix.