January 2003

This sudden cold spell has prompted some action on Hull design.

hull animated gif

This shows my latest Slipper Launch design modeled in 'Hulls' as viewed with a VRML browser plug-in.
If you're not familiar with VRML (Virtual Reality Modelling Language) check out the following sites and download a plugin.
Cosmo by CA
Cortona by Parallel Graphics
Once installed, launch slipper.wrl in your browser and view the hull for yourself.

'Hulls' is a neat design package for fairing hard chine hulls written by Greg Carlson. To design your hull all you need is his software, a copy of 'How to design a boat' by John Teale and plenty of inspiration.

Download hull designs So far the hull lines look like this. Three chines (keel, chine and shere) define the Hull and the additional chines are used to approximate the deck camber.
Once you've downloaded 'Hulls' you can open my hull design from the bundled designs under mslip.hul

Meanwhile, being the projects first anniversary, I thought this month was a good time to summarise progress to date. Especially as it feels like I've just spent 12 months building a shed and still some way from starting the boat.

January 2002
Research starts
Model & Bench build
Workshop floor slab
Workshop construction......

Ok then, 9 months building a shed.....

Shed under snow Although there are still a few outstanding jobs to finish the workshop, as you can see, it's too cold to get that enthusiastic about them.